Original Soundtrack

We believe music generates emotional engagement and with that in mind we focus on creating functional scores that speak with the media it was made for, whether it’s a rock-driven score or a fully orchestral one.


We work alongside musicians guiding them into fully constructed projects, from single tracks to full albums. Acting from pre-production to post-production, our job is to extract the best musicality within them.


A crucial job that is often misunderstood, sound design is what makes films and games believable and works mostly when it’s not noticed. We record, edit and mix soundscapes trying to convey reality or strangeness when required.


Required only in interactive media, audio programming is the implementation of sound and music in video games, and we do it understanding that audio doesn’t need to be static like on films, but interactive as the player progresses.

Virtual Reality Audio

Virtual Reality is the current manifestation of a cognitive future that we will someday live in, and these 360º environments require more than 2d sound, but a new organic 3d spatialization of audio that generates real-time mixes as the user moves, tilts and explores.


AudioHead is an audio studio designed to produce sound and music for different media, mainly for films and games. We work on establishing an optimal point between art and craft, always delivering professional-quality audio that speaks closely with the media it’s been produced for.

We don’t see ourselves as artists, but as artisans, focused on helping to craft meaningful experiences for people, although others may often see our creations as works of art.

Latest Works

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